The TRM Group

TRM is a consolidated and specialised industrial supplier of linear motion and positioning solutions and mechanical transmission components and bearings.

Ever since its inception way back in 1989, TRM has skilfully made its mark by selecting top quality products and industrial partners, focusing on the level of technical specialisation and aiming at dimensional and geographical expansion.

The sales network is one of the company’s top assets, thanks to its vast experience gained in various fields of application of mechanical parts and automation.

TRM’s latest addition, in 2012, is K.Line Tecnica Lineare, which specialises in tailored solutions for mechanical precision applications and automation.


  K.Line Tecnica Lineare offers its qualified partnership in providing customised solutions for mechanical precision applications and automation.

The company produces and commercialises the following parts in particular:
• Shafts, ball bushing and supportsk-Line
• Cam roller guides
• Profiled Ball Rail Guides
• Ball Screw Assembly
• Linear Modules
K. Line Tecnica Lineare is a member of TRM group


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